Bail Applications and Bail Variation

Our highly experienced criminal solicitors in London and Belfast are here to assist you with any questions that you have regarding bail applications & bail variation.

Bail applications & bail variation can have an enormous impact on clients, causing distress to those who have never been subjected to bail conditions before.

Types of Bail Conditions

Bail conditions can include and cause:

  • Travel restrictions
  • Surrendering passports
  • The inability to remain focused on business and personal life.

We operate on a ‘right-first-time’ basis, preparing for bail requires a full and detailed preparation so every item of evidence to support your application must be secured and vetted by our specialist solicitors before submission to the Court.

We Cover

  • Seized Passports
  • Travel Restrictions
  • Police Station Representations
  • Magistrates and Crown Court Representations

We’ve successfully varied pre-existing bail conditions on behalf of our clients during complex criminal investigations that have restricted client from travelling and varied curfew conditions.

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