Criminal Defence

Being arrested, prosecuted or investigated for a criminal offence can have a huge impact on your personal and professional life. Even relatively minor allegations can have enormous and long-lasting consequences on your career, private life and ultimately your liberty so it’s important to have a good criminal defence.

As many of our clients enjoy a good reputation and have never been involved in the criminal process before, we understand the distress that they can be feeling and therefore will provide the best advice and defence possible.

Oracle’s reputation as one of the top criminal law solicitors in London and Belfast is backed up by our proven results, so you can be assured that your best interests are protected when you choose us.

Criminal Defence Expertise

When clients come to us in trouble our experienced criminal defence solicitors quickly devise a strategy to minimise damage and deliver the best results with discretion and sensitivity assured.

Whether you’ve been charged with something serious or minor we will work tirelessly to defend your best interests and reputation. Whatever your background and whatever your circumstances, we’ll fight to help you defend yourself against the accusation and charge.

We understand that being arrested can be confusing and frightening. Our highly specialised criminal defence solicitors will answer your questions and put your mind at ease.

It’s best to have quality legal advice right from the beginning so no costly mistakes are made. We’ll give you clear, straightforward and hard-hitting advice from the start.

With Oracle Solicitors, you’re in safe hands, between us we’ve over 30 years’ experience representing suspects and defendants.

How Our Criminal Defence Solicitors Can Help

Our defence team have acted for clients right across England, Wales and Northern Ireland and international jurisdictions dealing with offences related to serious crime.

At Oracle Solicitors, our criminal defence team provide expert legal advice and representation for both individuals and businesses.

We are also able to provide immediate specialist legal advice and representation at every stage of the criminal process, from attendance at police stations to representation in court proceedings, whether the Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court or Court of Appeal.

Legal Aid Solicitors London & Belfast

If you are in receipt of benefits or your income means that you could not afford to pay for a lawyer, you may qualify for Legal Aid. Contact us if you think you may qualify for legal aid and we can apply on your behalf.

Where Legal Aid is not available we will quote you a competitive fixed price for our work.

We can also help you with


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Crime, Investigations and Enforcement Fees

If you have Directors and Officers Insurance your legal fees may be covered in respect of regulatory or investigative action. Please check your insurance policy to check whether you have Legal Expenses Insurance that may cover the costs. If you are unsure, we will consider your policy and liaise with the Insurance company on your behalf.

Our charges will be based on the time actually spent by lawyers and other staff in respect of any work which they do on your behalf.

Our current hourly rates are set out below (All figures exclude VAT):

We provide an initial consultation of 30 mins with Senior Counsel free of charge.

In all matters a detailed estimate will be provided and agreed before the commencement of any work. We provide updates at regular junctures with the work in progress and work with our clients to achieve the best outcome, both legally and financially.  In some cases we are able to provide a fixed fee following the initial consultation (if you prefer this option). However, should unexpected matters arise this may be subject to increase, but we will of course keep you updated.

Road Traffic Offences Fees

Please check your car insurance policy to check whether you have Legal Expenses Insurance that may cover the costs.

Should your matter concern a Road Traffic Offence which is dealt with at a single hearing, the fixed fee is £1500 (exclusive of VAT). Should the matter require more hearings, or become more complex, a tailored quotation will be provided to you. However, as a general rule, the fee will include the following:

The fee does not include:


Disbursements are not included in our professional fees, as these are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties, such as external independent counsel, expert witnesses, court costs, interpreter fees, travel costs, etc.  At times we can handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.

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