Prenuptial Agreements

Oracle Solicitors team of specialist lawyers have a proven track record in providing rapid and efficient assistance with prenuptial agreements. Should you wish to protect your assets before you get married, contact us today.

What are Prenuptial Agreements?

Relationship agreements such as pre-marriage, prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements, pre-civil partnership agreements and cohabitation agreements can offer you security and protection. They can bring clarity and support to your relationship and can provide the added benefit of peace of mind should either of you, at a later date, need legal protection.

The process is delicate and should be respectfully handled without losing sight of the marriage that it is designed to facilitate. It involves disclosure of each party’s finances and detailed discussions about what would be considered a fair outcome in the event of divorce. Careful judgement has to be exercised and sometimes delicate structuring put in place to maximise the “future-proofing” of the agreement.

Prenuptial agreements are particularly useful for people who wish to protect assets that they would like to pass on, such as a farm or a business. Many people also wish to enter these agreements if they have separated from a previous marriage/civil partnership.

What to do now

If you or your fiancé wish to enter into a prenuptial agreement, do not delay in contacting Oracle Solicitors expert lawyers for advice and assistance. We will strive to ensure that each of your best interests is taken care off in order to avoid uncertainty in the future should the relationship not work out.

Equally, we may also be instructed to conduct a review of an existing agreements enforce-ability.

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