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Allegations of assault can come in a variety of different forms, which makes it a very complex area of law.

We recommend contacting our specialist assault lawyers immediately should you be facing an accusation so that you understand the implications of your case.

Types of assault

Some of the most common types of assault are:

The severity of the sentence for an assault depends mainly on 3 factors:

As a specialist legal practice that focuses on criminal cases, our lawyers know the law for assault charges inside out, so be sure to contact us if you are accused of any form of assault.

What is GBH?

GBH is an assault where the victim has suffered injuries that have put their health at risk and therefore is seen as the most serious form.

Examples of GBH:

The sentencing for GBH can be a maximum of life imprisonment if there was intent in the assault. Less serious offences, ‘wounding without intent’, have a maximum prison sentence of 5 years.

What is ABH?

ABH is an assault that is less severe than GBH, but the victim is still injured whether that be intentionally or recklessly.

The maximum sentence for Actual Bodily Harm is 5 years imprisonment but many cases, especially for defendants with no previous convictions, lead to no prison sentencing. Community orders are quite common sentences in these instances.

What is common assault and battery?

Assault and battery are less serious offences that GBH and ABH and the maximum sentence is 6 months imprisonment. Community orders and fines are alternative sentences that are usually given to cases that did not cause serious injury and when the offender has no previous criminal convictions.

A battery is the use of unlawful force. One may be accused of this should they push, slap, punch or spit on another person.

An assault does not need physical contact to take place for a defendant to be found guilty. Should you make another person feel threated due to your actions, e.g, running fingers across your throat or raising fists, you can be charged with assault.

Expert assault lawyers London & Belfast

If you are accused of any type of assault, call our specialist assault lawyers today! We ensure that you fully understand the severity and implications of your individual case and keep you fully informed as to the next steps.

We devise a strategy that involves inspecting all the forensics/medical evidence, issues with mistaken identity and establishing whether self-defence is available.

Through the years, Oracle’s lawyers have gained close connections with leading experts in a variety of fields that can help support your case, including:

Our criminal defence team have over 50 years experience in dealing with assaults of all variations. You can depend on us to protect your best interests and to mount an expert, pro-active defence.

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