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Criminal Appeals

Oracle Solicitors team of specialist defence lawyers in London and Belfast have a wealth of experience in helping clients with criminal appeals.

If you feel, for example, that your sentence was too harsh or there is new evidence to help you fight your case, you should contact us today for fast and effective advice and assistance.

When can a criminal appeal be made?

Sentencing or conviction does not always have to be final. The criminal trial process depends on human endeavour and judgement, so inevitably mistakes are made. A defendant may argue that their conviction was unsafe, or that the sentence was too harsh.

Appeals can be made on the grounds of new evidence, or by arguing the decision was unfair or unreasonable. In exceptional circumstances, it could be argued the law itself is wrong or that it was poorly applied to the facts of your case.

Cases dealt with in the Magistrates’ Court progress to the Crown Court upon appeal. Crown Court appeals are dealt with by the Court of Appeal.

It takes a great deal of work to prove that you have good reason to appeal. Overturning a conviction is not easy, finding and gathering new evidence and challenging the law can be complicated, but if it is at all possible we fight for your right to appeal.

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