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Insolvency law provides various procedures to assist individuals and businesses facing difficulties in meeting their liabilities as they fall due. Our expert lawyers in London and Belfast can help you manage your liabilities and decide on what is the best option for you so contact us today.

What is insolvency?

When you are unable to pay money that you owe to either an individual or a company, on time, you are said to be in a state of insolvency. To get out of this state there are several solutions such as bankruptcy, receivership, liquidation, and administration.

For individuals, bankruptcy is generally a last resort. An individual that is first time bankrupt with debts generally receive their discharge one year after the date of the bankruptcy order. Our team advise you on the best action to take as well as negotiating with your creditors. Furthermore, is we assist you, prepare the petition and guide you through the entire process.

We provide legal advice to clients who find themselves on either side of insolvency, from those that are or want to enter into an insolvency procedure, to creditors of an insolvent person or company.

Why choose us?

Our specialist team has developed expertise in a wide range of both personal and corporate cases. Advising a variety of clients including individuals and businesses faced with the threat of financial difficulty. We deal with matters with a pragmatic and sensitive approach to finding the most commercially viable solutions.

If you have any questions whatsoever about this matter, do not delay in contacting our highly experienced insolvency lawyers in London or Belfast for expert advice, delivered fast and efficiently.

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