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Money Laundering

Oracle Solicitors has considerable experience dealing with various allegations related to the concealment, disposal, transfer and removal of the proceeds of crime, i.e Money Laundering.

Our criminal defence team is continually instructed to act for clients who are subjected to police station attendance, court appearances and criminal proceedings for Money Laundering offences.

We understand that even the most diligent professional can become unwittingly caught up in money laundering. The stigma can adversely affect your reputation and that of your business. If you are found to be guilty of such a crime, the penalties and professional sanctions are severe.

What to do if accused of money laundering?

It is critical that you instruct specialist money laundering lawyers who can act quickly and prepare a robust defence. We can quickly analyse relevant transactions and advise on disclosure to the National Crime Agency.

We frequently advise instruction of specialist forensic accountants to assist in the preparation and presentation of the defence in money laundering cases and have a great reputation for providing an expert defence with proven results in both London and Belfast.

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