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Police Station Advice

Here at Oracle Solicitors, we give a legal advice at who is arrested or required for interview under caution.

For many individuals, reputation is particularly crucial. Expert lawyers can mean the difference between being arrested and being interviewed voluntarily. This is an important distinction that can have a significant impact on a person’s professional and personal life and ability to travel abroad.

We regularly successfully submit to investigating authorities that it is not necessary to arrest our clients, thereby avoiding the taking of DNA samples, fingerprints and photographs – and in some cases the imposition of onerous bail conditions. When necessary, we also have considerable experience in media/reputation management.

How a suspect chooses to respond when first arrested or interviewed under caution can shape the future of an investigation and any subsequent prosecution; taking expert legal advice prior to interview and making the right decisions can be crucial to the outcome. It could make the difference between being prosecuted and being released without charge, or, if prosecuted, the difference between conviction and acquittal.

In the event of a prosecution, we offer advice and representation in the Magistrates’ Court and the Crown Court.

Our team has extremely experienced and talented advocates who appear regularly in the Magistrates’ Courts and a number of our lawyers have higher rights of audience to appear in the Crown Court. In addition, over the years, we have also developed excellent working relationships with the finest barristers in the profession.

How Oracle Solicitors can help you

If you have any questions or require police station representation or advice, please contact a member of our criminal litigation team.

Our experienced defence lawyers are able to attend the police station when you need us.

Our presence at the police station throughout the period of your detention ensures that the police deal with your case expeditiously and in accordance with the law.

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