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Professional Discipline and Regulated Individuals

At Oracle, we advise and represent individuals in professional discipline matters spanning the regulatory spectrum. This includes:

Financial services


Professional Services



Investigations and hearings

Our team possess a wealth of experience and we understand that regulatory investigations often bring up a range of other concerns, such as internal disciplinary matters, employment law, or the risk of criminal prosecution.

Our team is able to advise and assist at any stage in a regulatory investigation. Seeking legal advice at the earliest opportunity is the best way to protect yourself. Early action can often result in the swift conclusion of an investigation, often resulting in the best outcome for both the individual, the regulator, and the employer. Delay can seriously impact the ultimate outcome, and it is vital to move quickly to ensure the protection of your career.

We are also able to represent you in meetings, negotiations, interviews, and hearings with your regulator. As our team has legal and investigatory experience of working within a regulator and representing individuals throughout proceedings with their regulator, we have a deep understanding of both sides of the process, allowing us to provide the most comprehensive representation. We understand the importance of being open, honest, and co-operative with your regulator, as well as the need to robustly protect the interests of the individual.

We are also able to assist whistleblowers who may have made disclosures regarding illegal or inappropriate behaviours or practises in their workplace. These individuals are often afforded special protection under the law. Whether you are thinking of making a disclosure, or you have made one, we are able to help.

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