Road Traffic and Motoring Offences

Oracle Solicitors has vast experience with representing all road users in relation to road traffic & motoring offences.

Every day there are accidents on the road and we understand how stressful these incidents can be to your day to day life. Our expert team of driving offence solicitors tailor their approach to each individual case in order to achieve the best results for our clients.

Types of Road Traffic & Motoring Offences

Some of the most common offences that we deal with at Oracle are committed on the road. Below are a number of the most popular cases we regularly assist with:

Why Choose Us?

We are here to help protect your driver’s licence and we aim to provide exceptional representation and ensure you understand the legal process throughout.

Our solicitors regularly advise motorists, cyclists, taxi driver, LGV and PCV operators. Our tailored approach ensures each client understands clearly the implication of their individual case.

We have dealt with matters such as drink driving and speeding-related issues and we will ensure the best experts and counsel are instructed to deliver quality and reliable representation.

What do we cover


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