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Postnuptial Agreements

Postnuptial Agreements allow people who are already married to set out what would happen if they were to separate or get divorced.

Why choose a Postnuptial Agreement?

There are numerous reasons why any couple would consider entering a postnuptial agreement. One reason could be that someone in the relationship has been previously separated and you want to avoid any disagreements and uncertainty should this relationship not work out.

Pre-Nuptial, Post-Nuptial and Pre-Registration Agreements are particularly important when people have different amounts of money and/or property or are expecting to receive an inheritance.

For example, someone who has divorced before and received a property as part of a divorce settlement may want to keep that property separate if they decided to remarry.

Do i need a Legal Advice?

If you or your fiancé wish to enter into a postnuptial agreement, you should come to see us as the first port of call because legal advice will be necessary to ensure that both of your best interests are looked after.

Equally, we may also be instructed to conduct a review an existing agreements enforce-ability. So do not delay in contacting our experienced solicitors in London or Belfast for advice that is second to none.


Ercan is an experienced litigation lawyer and since joining the company in 2017 he has continuously built and grown Oracle Solicitors’ litigation department.

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